I like lots of things. Sometimes I take pictures. Sometimes I'm in the pictures. And sometimes I do makeup and fashion stying.

Anonymous asked: Hi just passin, just to let you know tattoo ink is animal tested in the same labs a cigarettes that are known to torture abuse and kill animals in the millions a year(see you tube secret filming) , in the labs the Ebola virus has also been found in the labs in test monkeys. the chemicals are force fed, wiped on open wounds where cancerous growths form, most animals bleed to death choke on there own fluids have seizures, gassed, and all animals are fully awake for tests when operated on.

Lol “just passin”


Anonymous asked: black tattoo ink has recently been linked to lymphatic cancer or commonly known as BREAST CANCER , i bet you wish you knew before you had your tattoo`s done :/ ps the red ink also linked to Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases and birth defects in children.

Ok ha

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